The Roundhouse Podcast

FAQ – Welcome to the Roundhouse!


Canadian Pacific #2317 rests next to Canadian National #3254 at Steamtown National Historic Site.

You may not realize it yet, but you have begun a unique rail journey.  The Roundhouse is a podcast designed to bring you the most interesting news, stories, and interviews about the railroad industry, the hobby, and more.

I’ve never heard of a podcast.  What exactly is it?

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio show that is streamed online.  It is entirely free to listen and subscribe, and as long as you can read this, you already have the technology you need to join!

What railroad topics do you discuss?

The short answer is: any!  I will cover the many different topics relating to railroads and trains.  Topics will include history, industry, modeling, art, events, and preservation, just to name a few.  Episodes will include interviews with experts, railroad event coverage, and more!

How can I be a part of the show?

This show is a dialogue unlike anything else in the railroad community.  I want to learn from you just as I hope you will learn from me and the show’s guests.  Your voice is crucial to demonstrating the widespread nature of our pastime.

As executive producer, I will work hard to produce content that you want to hear.  If there is a particular railroad, person, museum, or other topic you want me to create a segment or episode about, let me know via email or social media.  If I use your idea, I will do my best to mention your suggestion in that episode.

At the end of every episode, we ask you a question relating to the show’s topic (for example, “What is your favorite tourist railroad in the Eastern U.S?”).  You can respond by emailing us or commenting through social media.  The best responses will be read on the next episode, and we’ll include your name!

What else should I do to support the show?

We have to have a notable audience in order to gain the largest access to potential show subjects (for example, C.E.O.’s of Class I railroads, behind-the-scenes looks at railroad facilities, etc).  Sharing this show with everyone you know would love it will go very far in giving us the chance to talk to some incredibly interesting people and cover some unforgettable events!