The Roundhouse Podcast

Women in Rail Preservation Survey

If you are a woman who has been, or tried to be, active in rail preservation (tourist railroad, museum, volunteering, being a member of an organization, etc), please share your stories and/or opinions in this anonymous short survey.

I’ve always considered The Roundhouse a place where we share stories from all backgrounds about trains and railroads. Most of the time, these stories are happy, uplifting, and inspirational. Unfortunately, we must acknowledge that there are plenty of stories with negative experiences.

Based on conversations witnessed online recently, I’ve been thinking about the sexism that exists within rail preservation. It’s not unique to this field, but it’s undeniably here, and we all too often don’t want to think about it. I understand that it’s a hard topic, but if rail preservation is to grow, we have to be willing to hear the stories of women who have experienced sexism. Whether it be through online harassment, negative experiences with the general public, or within an organization, these are shameful acts we cannot ignore.

If you are a woman who has been, or tried to be, active in rail preservation, I’d like to get your feedback on any or all of the following questions below. I will read select responses in a special editorial episode of The Roundhouse Podcast. No personal information or email addresses will be collected; this is completely anonymous.

For anyone else, please share this survey link with others.

Thank you for your time for us to examine this important issue together.